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For over 20 years, the Hearts of Christ Children's Ministry has been able to serve the children of our Lord. Through our school sponsorship program centered in Belize and outreach in our local Tennessee community, HOC supports over 500 children each year through supplies, tuition, uniforms, daily needs and fellowship.
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Sponsor A Child Today, Change a Life Forever!

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Changing lives one child at a time. Sponsorship gives Hearts of Christ the opportunity to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with these children. For $250 a year, a child will receive desperately needed textbooks, school supplies, paid tuition, new school uniforms and backpack and most of all you will be building a relationship in the kingdom of God. A child you will come to know and love; a child that will come to know and love you. Share your blessings today with a needy child in Belize.

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