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Hearts of Christ

Children's Ministry

2024 Drop Off Dates for Shipment

Drop-off packages at Russellville Baptist Church, 444 Cedar Creek Rd, Russellville, TN

Sat, Sept  14  10am-12pm

Sat, Sept 21 10am-2-m

We have bags available $2/ea

5+ Gallon Bags - Dollar General Store

Your bag should look like this:

Christmas Hope Outreach

•Pack one 5+ gallon clear plastic bag per child; do not wrap package.

•All store packaging and price tags must be removed from all items.

•Do not pack candy or food items; against international regulations.

•What do they need most? Shoes, socks, underwear, jeans, shirt, lightweight jacket, sturdy umbrella or poncho.

•Child’s name, school name & sponsor name must be legible on the outside of package IN BOLD BLACK LETTERS

•$30, $50+ shipping per package, depending on size

•Two itemized lists of the package contents are needed; use the itemized sheet provided here to inventory the contents of the package; tape an envelope to the outside of the package containing the two itemized lists and shipping donation; do not place lists or checks inside the package.

$30 shipping package size: 18" x 21"

$50 shipping package size: 22" x 25"

$100 shipping package size: over 25" 

How much joy and happiness can a five gallon bag hold for a child in Belize? It is nothing short of a miracle for these children. To watch them take hold of a simple plastic bag and see a face transformed to sheer joy is such a blessing. The children rushing to their mothers, holding up a bar of soap and shouting “Look Mommie!” or watching their eyes light up like a Christmas tree to see a new pair of shoes in that plastic bag is worth every minute it took to shop, pack and deliver that package.

As a sponsor, you have an opportunity each year to send “Christmas Hope” to a child in Belize. It may be the only gift the child will receive and the need is so great. A new pair of shoes, a box of bandaids, a bar of soap, a tube of toothpaste, a new hairbrush, new socks and underwear; it’s like a dream come true for these children.

Shipments are coordinated during the month of September. Children’s packages must be mailed or delivered by TBA. Packing requirements and regulations must be met to comply with international customs; listed to the right are the requirements:

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