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Sponsor a Child

What does it mean to "Sponsor A Child"?

Each day in the United States, children from all ages have the blessing of being able to go to school - public, private or home - and learn all of the basics such as reading, writing and math. The children in Belize do not have this luxury unless someone, like you, can help meet this need.

By becoming a sponsor, you can be a part of helping a child receive a foundational education that can help to alleviate the poverty in a small third world country, and more importantly, understand what it means to follow Christ.

How much does sponsorship cost?

The cost to sponsor a child for one year is $250.

What does the sponsorship cover?

The $250 annual sponsorship provides textbooks, school supplies, backpacks, new school uniforms, tuitions and other school fees for each child.

How many children are currently receiving sponsorship?

Hearts of Christ Children’s Ministry is presently working with 500 sponsored children that are attending schools in Belize.

Do the children really want to learn?

How many children in the United States do you know that would walk three miles, or even one mile, to go to school? In Belize, children walk great distances to get the chance to learn. Over 1,000 unsponsored children will come to the mission house each year seeking help so they too can attend school. This number continues to grow as the news of this ministry spreads across Belize.

How do I sponsor a child?

Choose a child from the photos displayed. Click on "Sponsorship Form" tab and fill in the information. There are more children waiting, as the list continues to grow. Send us an email or call us at 423.312.4466 to find out about more children you can help.

How can I tell my local church about this ministry?

Contact us at 423.312.4466 or send an email and we will come and give a presentation to your local congregation about how Hearts of Christ can become part of their outreach ministry. This is a perfect ministry for a youth group to support as they can form relationships with other youth in another country.



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