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Belize, Central America

The call to ministry came when a mission team member traveled to Belize in 1999 and was overwhelmed at the multitudes of illiterate adults struggling to feed, clothe and shelter their children.


As Bibles were distributed among the villagers, so many of them could not even begin to read the first page. We can hand out thousands of Bibles but they are of no use if they cannot be read and studied.

Hearts of Christ Children’s Ministry is presently working with 500 sponsored children that are attending schools in Belize. Sponsors from the United States are supporting these children through the $250 yearly sponsorship that provides textbooks, school supplies, backpacks, new school uniforms, tuitions and other school fees for each child. In addition, over 1,000 more children will come to the mission house seeking help so they too can attend school.

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